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Enjoy Free Video brings you the game you love, for free, at home. We have a great free video poker machine to play, and pages and pages of information on how to improve your video poker skills. Remember, video poker is a game of skill, don't let anyone ever convince you otherwise.

Being a game of skill, video poker offers the ability to effectively lower the house edge of the game your playing. In blackjack you lower the house edge by making correct decisions on your dealt cards, and the same is true in video poker. If we know the correct (most likely to make us money) decision for every possible starting hand on the machine we're playing, then we are getting as much out of the machine as we possibly can.

If you're new to video poker, you may appreciate a little initiation. Basically, you're dealing with a machine that offers a five card hand to you, which you can keep all of, or exchange any number of cards. You only get to exchange cards once, and your goal is to build a good poker hand. There are a number of different video poker game variations available, and each offers slightly different payback opportunities and characteristics. Each game can be played 'perfectly', meaning that there is a pre-built decision strategy for each game that will yield the most from your hands mathematically.

When a game is played perfectly, it will pay back a certain percentage. This is logically the maximum payback percentage available from the machine. You will often see references to the payback percentage for a game type, but be aware that they are referencing the percentage when the game is played perfectly, unlike a slot machine.

A magic number comes up sometimes in the world of video poker. When the payback percentage for a machine works out to be more than 100%, it's worth noting. Effectively these video poker machines have * no house edge *. If played perfectly they will return more than you put into them, over the long run (no, not every time we sit down). A positive expectation game (as it's known) is hard to find, but video poker is the only casino game that ever offers it, so it's worth looking for.

How an online casino can offer the best video pokies to the Australian public

Any online casino worth the time of signing up will have a broad selection of video pokies for you to play at any time. Video pokies have become so popular in Australia that there are now specific Australian based online casinos to cater to the local market. These casinos will offer you a chance to gamble at competitive rates and with easy transfers of cash in or out of your account.

The video pokies available at online casinos are some of the most advance gambling machines you will find. The games themselves are taken from the fully interactive versions you will find in a casino, except now instead of using the touch screen you use your mouse instead. The best part about this kind of slot machine is the bonus features that are sometimes an entirely different game. The chances of wining big on this kind of machine are also higher; this could be why they hold so much appeal with the gambling community the world over.

All in all an online casino should offer you a selection of online pokies and other tables games so you can rest assured that no matter what mood your are in they will be able to cater to it. There are also sign up bonuses for most of the online casinos in Australia. These may be deposit matches or even free money to play with, but either way using a code to get a bonus is a must when you sign up.

Online Poker Betting Terms

Although online poker can be an infamously unpredictable game, the bare bones of the game itself are actually quite clear and simple. There are five 'moves' a player can make:

Open: the first elective bet of a round (this does not include forced bets such as antes or blinds). This is also known as 'opening the pot,' and rules may be affected by game variations

Call: to match a bet. This is also known as 'to see.'

Check: this is only possible if no players have opened the betting round. To check is sometimes called 'to pass,' and signifies a player's intention to match the current bet of zero dollars.

Raise: to increase the amount of the bet that all players must make to stay in the pot; to remain eligible, players must either call or raise.

Fold: to elect to surrender your current hand and to forfeit any interest in the current pot.

Of these five options, you may find that opening and folding are the easiest concepts to grasp; calling, checking, and raising may require some study and observation to master. The game itself is played by the same rules whether or not money is at stake, so although knowing exactly when to choose each of these three betting actions (call, check and raise) will certainly improve your game, you still need to know the basics of poker hand rankings and odds, so if you are interested in poker online at a place like Ultimate bet Poker, you may want to seek out a reputable gaming resource such as

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